Commercial Kitchen Appliances

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Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipments and Supplies

Running a commercial kitchen successfully means having all the right cooking equipments and supplies in order to make it easy for the chefs and cooks to produce high quality food in a consistent manner. Kitchen supplies make it possible to perform routine functions such as food preparation, cooking, baking and storing items. The main determining factors to consider when stocking the kitchen with supplies and equipment include; storage space, cost of kitchen supplies and whether or not you will use all the items you want to purchase.

There are many kitchen and cooking equipments and supplies in a restaurant equipment store which are needed in a restaurant kitchen. These items are usually categorized as follows; food processors, food mixers, pasta machines, gas and electric cookers, kitchen blenders, range cookers, deep fryers, electric steamers and microwaves. The other categories include soup kettles, food dehydrators, toasters, hot cupboards, waffle makers and contact grills, potato peelers, utensils, pizza oven, ice machines and heated food display among others. Below is a close look at deep fryers and electric appliances used in the kitchen.

Electric appliances – There are many electric appliances that can help you perform various functions in the kitchen. These appliances include food processors, microwaves, mixers, blenders and toaster ovens. The most popular range of toaster ovens is the conventional type. These ovens are great for heating and cooking small food portions. Blenders come in handy when blending sauces and soups and making beverages. You can use the food processors to perform a number of functions. For example, if you want to prepare large quantities of food, you need to choose a large volume food processor with a powerful motor. Standing mixers and hand mixers on the other hand, can be used for making desserts and preparing the dough for baking.

Deep Fryers – A deep fryers is an essential in any commercial kitchen because it makes it easy to supply a steady stream of fried foods, be it French fries, fried chicken or fish. The deep fryers are divided into different categories; the countertop fryers and free standing fryers. Free standing fryers are ideal if you have a large kitchen serving a large group of people on takeaway; however, it requires large and sufficient space for accommodation. The countertop fryer, on the other hand, can easily be fitted on a limited space.